Save yourself from heat

The summer season is on and people are dying in hot weather. As temperature is increasing day by day due to global warming, it’s high time you learn some tips on how to keep your home cool without an air conditioner. Air Conditioners are costly, more over causes global warming. So, here are 10 simple but effective tips on how to keep your room cool:

  1. Shutdown all the doors and windows before noon. It will prevent the heat to enter inside your room. Open all those after sunset, to allow the cool air of outside enter your room.
  2. Keep your table fan on in front of a window at night. If will force the cool air of outside to enter your room and reduce the unbearable heat of your room.
  3. You can keep a bottle of ice in front of the table fan. It will add a cool feeling while providing you with fresh air. It can be compared with an air conditioner as well.
  4. Change all the yellow/red bulbs of your room as they increase room temperature. Use white color energy saving bulbs to save expenses as well asleep your room cool.
  5. Keep your bulbs off when you are not in room. It consumes more energy as well as increase room temperature.
  6. Keep all the electric devices off when you are not using those. Such as TV, Fan, Bulbs, Computer etc. These emit heat which is responsible for increased temperature of your room.
  7. Use sital pati instead of Carpet in your room. It will give a cool feeling when you walk in your room.
  8. Put white color on your windows, or if possible, use white curtains. It will reflect the sunlight and keep your room cool.
  9. Implantation of trees in East and west side of your home will prevent sunlight to fall at morning and afternoon. It will lower the home temperature to a great extent.
  10. Keep a bowel of cool water at a corner of your room. It will vaporize and give a cool feeling when the outside of your room will be burning