Pakoras are mouthwatering dish during this rainy season with a cup of hot tea

Mouth watering pakoras are yet another dish that is a must have during the rainy season. A cup of hot tea and a plate of pakoras are an unbeatable combination during the rainy season. You can choose from various kinds of pakoras like potato pakora, paneer pakora, green chili pakora and it goes on. Having said that avoid having street side pakoras during monsoon, instead try to prepare it at home It may be a little consuming but its going to be worth it. And also as it is a fried food do not over indulge in it, once in awhile is a good option.
Chips, Samosas and kachoris: Imagine its raining cats and dogs outside and you are serve with a ate of hot chips, delicious samosas, lip smacking kachoris with a creamy and spicy dip to go with it. Sounds really good isn’t it? These easy to prepare food are good to binge on once in awhile and also leaves you with a filed tummy and a happy heart.

Foods to be avoided during monsoon

These are just the suggestions but the decision is yours. To stay healthy and fit and to enjoy every moment one needs to take better care of themselves. So eat healthy, stay fit and enjoy life!!!!!!

Try not to have sea foods like fish, prawns, crabs etc until and unless they are fresh. As it is the breeding season for these creatures you may end up having stomach infections or worse food poisoning. It is always good to choose for vegetarian diet during the rainy season.
Stay away from outside food. The damp streets and the pits filled with stagnant waters acts as a breeding place for the mosquitoes and other insects. thus leading to diseases like malaria, dengue etc. In such case resorting to homemade hygiene food is advisable.
Try including a lot of veggies in your diet. Monsoon is a season of ill health as well. The nutrient sin these veggies will help you stay healthy and fit. Go for green salads, as it will make you feel full and keep you from unwanted food carvings. Before using the vegetables wash it clean with salt and warm water. This will help in removing dirt and unseen organisms from the vegetables.